Wizard - Choosing sources (How to get it back?)

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Wizard - Choosing sources (How to get it back?)

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If i create a backup using the Wizard i can choose to add files or folders or an entire drive or a folder with let´s say five out of ten files within the folder. This is how most backup applications work and it is great. (See sources-01.png)

However, if i either use the Wizard from start to finish to create the backup or click the Advanced mode i can from now on only use the not so convinient Add folder or Add file. (See sources-02.png)

When i have created the backup or if i clicked the Advanced mode there seems to be no way to get back to the more useful way of selecting files/folders that i see in the Wizard. What have i missed?
sources-01.PNG (43.6 KiB) Viewed 29 times
sources-02.PNG (37.58 KiB) Viewed 29 times

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