Wizard - Choosing sources (How to get it back?)

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Wizard - Choosing sources (How to get it back?)

Post by Yamaha »

If i create a backup using the Wizard i can choose to add files or folders or an entire drive or a folder with let´s say five out of ten files within the folder. This is how most backup applications work and it is great. (See sources-01.png)

However, if i either use the Wizard from start to finish to create the backup or click the Advanced mode i can from now on only use the not so convinient Add folder or Add file. (See sources-02.png)

When i have created the backup or if i clicked the Advanced mode there seems to be no way to get back to the more useful way of selecting files/folders that i see in the Wizard. What have i missed?
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Re: Wizard - Choosing sources (How to get it back?)

Post by RussF »

Note: I can only speak for version 8.8. Our backups are working flawlessly and given the numerous problems reported so far with v. 9, we have not upgraded. If you have v. 9, your mileage may vary.

From your top level menu, if you select:

File->Options->Preferences, scroll down to the "Other" section you will find an option titled "Use New Backup Wizard to create backup jobs"

Select this and you should have your wizard back. You can also experiment with the sub-option, "Use old sources selection mode" and see what that gives you.

I personally prefer the advanced mode and have the first option mentioned above checked off and the second checked on.


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Re: Wizard - Choosing sources (How to get it back?)

Post by Adrian (Softland) »

Hi Yamaha,

That is how the application was designed. The Wizard can be accessed only when creating the job. The classic source page from Properties uses the old selection mode. I added your request to our Wishlist.

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