WiFi Mapped Drive Reconnection -- Windows 7

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WiFi Mapped Drive Reconnection -- Windows 7

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We have having trouble with a desktop backup on a LAN, where the LAN connection is WiFi.

On our mixed SOHO / family LAN we have several machines backed up to a NAS machine, via B4A. One Windows 7 machine is a desktop that is connected to the LAN via WiFi. On the LAN we have full local DNS, so there are UNC paths available.

PROBLEM: At night the WiFi goes to sleep, i.e. disconnects. B4A fails to wake up the machine (even though clicked) in a way that reconnects the WiFi and the LAN connection.

OBJECTIVE: B4A will back up the desktop, over WiFi, to the LAN, in the middle of the night.

QUESTION NO. 1 -- What is preferable, a UNC-style drive mapping or a Windows-style "mapped drive" drive mapping?

QUESTION NO. 2 -- Despite some research, I've been unable to figure out how to solve the WiFi re-connection problem.

POSSIBLE ANSWER "A" -- Should we be trying to keep the WiFi live? Via some sort of "keep-alive" utility?

POSSIBLE ANSWER "B" -- Or (preferably) should we be able to get B4A to "wake up the machine and have the machine re-establish the WiFi and the chosen style of drive mapping"?

Note: Just in case anyone's interested, our NAS machine is now "NAS4FREE", which is the follow-along version to "FreeNAS", using the ZFS filesystem. It's really great. And in terms of evolution from FreeNAS, we had much better success with NAS4Free, going forward, than FreeNAS V8.

And B4A is a very nice piece of software. Backup is important to get right.

Thanks for anyone's advice to solve this issue. I'm sure there are lots of people who need these answers.


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Re: WiFi Mapped Drive Reconnection -- Windows 7

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I recommend you to use the response "A". The wireless routers have some options to keep the connection alive.

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