USN journal used or not ?

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USN journal used or not ?

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Hello, I think USN journal (change journal, Smart file scanning mode) is not used. (Backup4all 5.5.839 — Windows 7 x64)

At first backup I have "Cannot use USN journal for this backup. Reason: This is the first backup run." (I know it's normal). But for next backups I can't find the word "USN" in backup log.
Backup4All seems to verify all files. If I delete the USN journal (fsutil usn deletejournal) the performances remain the same for checking files to copy. With or without the USN journal, the performances seem the same.

My backup type is Mirror.
Source and destination are locals NTFS drives.
I have 700 000 files and 100 000 folders in source drive. Files are just "zero byte" (created with robocopy /CREATE).

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Re: USN journal used or not ?

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Please send us the .bkc catalog file from the backup destination and the last backup log for that job to support[at]backup4all[dot]com

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