Upgrade to 7.1 loses all prior jobs

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Upgrade to 7.1 loses all prior jobs

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I upgraded to V7.1 as suggested, I tried to import jobs from V7 to be told there were none, so imported jobs from v6. What happened to my jobs from April2017 to November 2017 ? :evil:

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Re: Upgrade to 7.1 loses all prior jobs

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The jobs from version 7.0 should have been preserved. That is a minor upgrade from 7.0 to 7.1.
Were you using the Backup4all settings for Current user or for All users? Did that changed?
In your case, now you can open in Backup4all the .bkc catalog files from the backup destination. That will recreate the backup jobs in Backup4all so you can continue the backups.

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