Unattended backups using scheduler (Windows) don't fire

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Unattended backups using scheduler (Windows) don't fire

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I'm certain this is ignorance on my part, but we are attempting to use backup4all professional to save data on a network drive on an XP Professional workstation/PC, and an XP Home PC.

The jobs are set up fairly simply; full backups daily (to explain incremental restores to the customer would be akin to explaining a Hadron Super Collider to a 6 year old); so we just back it all up using Monday, Tuesday, etc full back up jobs. The jobs use a network connection (to a NAS Dlink box, with username + password + sharename specified in the jobs.)

We set up Windows Scheduler jobs to run every day at X O'clock, using the Monday, Tuesday, etc jobs mentioned above.

If run manually (i.e. from Windows) the jobs run fine. if we set up the Windows Scheduler job we don't get any jobs to run. The "next run" time updates, and that's all that happens. There is no entry in System Event Logs, and the job logs seem to be left empty.

We've tried this WITH passords, WITHOUT passwords, different accounts, and jobs don't run, and we're left with empty logs.

Is there some magic trick (for example standing on one leg while reciting Shakespeare backwards) that we are omitting?

or should I gather job .bkc files, etc into a zip file and submit?

Any hints, kinks, etc will be helpful.

Adrian (Softland)
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Re: Unattended backups using scheduler (Windows) don't fire

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Please follow these steps:
1. Make sure you have the latest version of Backup4all 4.5.231
2. Open Backup Properties->Scheduler->Edit Properties.
3. Make sure the Windows scheduler option is selected.
4. Press Set password and type your Windows login password.
5. Press Save.
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