"Too many copies running"

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"Too many copies running"

Post by EricBJ »

I have 2 systems with registered copies of Backup4all Professional 4.1 build 135.

On one system, running Windows XP Professional on a RAID 1, I have gotten this error 4 or 5 times. I check the Task Manager and there is on one instance of Backup4all running. I run chkdsk /f 2 to 4 times and the problem goes away.

On the other system, also running Windows XP Professional, I have gotten this error once. I have been able to fix it with chkdsk /f also.

What does this error mean? How do I make it go away and stay away?


Adrian (Softland)
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Re: "Too many copies running"

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Please make sure you did not used the same registration key for both computers.
The Backup4all license is per computer, not per user. You need a license key for each computer you use Backup4all on.
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