SFTP Transfer speed

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SFTP Transfer speed

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I have a windows server running backups to a debian server with sftp (Backup4all 9.8, but same issue with older versions (8.9)). Both servers have a gigabit fibre internet connection.

When doing backups with backup4all and sftp, the transfer speeds are very low: ~3MB/sec
However when I run multiple backup jobs in parallel, then the transfer speeds increase: ~5MB/sec for 2 jobs in parallel, ~7MB/sec for 3 jobs.

When I transfer files from the same server to the same destination with winscp over sftp, I have a transfer speed of 50~60 MB/sec. There seems to be something different with Backup4All.

How can I get better transfer speeds with sftp and Backup4All?

Adrian (Softland)
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Re: SFTP Transfer speed

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By default Backup4all will use the maximum allowed speed to upload files to SFTP.
Please check in Backup Properties->Destination->SFTP server->Edit configuration, under "Bandwidth limitation" section, to make sure there is no limit set.

Also make sure the antivirus is not scanning all files uploaded by Backup4all. Put it in the exceptions list.
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