Seeking steps 1 and 2

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Seeking steps 1 and 2

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Due to client requirements, we backup all of our drives on the network once a month. But, I just bought an external hard drive for a specific project and wish to use your software to help me manage the daily workload and changes. Here's what I need to do. First, I need to back up every file from my internal HDD and store that data on the external HDD. The files must not be encrypted (or compressed) and must be individually accessible in case individual restores are required. Then I need to back up the changed or new files onto the external HDD every day (I can do that manually as I'll want it to back up as I finish a certain document).

So, how do I do those two steps with your cool software? Thanks.

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Re: Seeking steps 1 and 2

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You can do that using the Mirror backup type from Backup4all. The files in destination will be an exact copy of the source files without zipping them.
Next time you run the backup, only new and modified files will be backed up.

Please read this article with step by step instructions about how to do that: ... n-199.html
Do you know you can monitor your backups remotely with Backup4all Monitor? You can read more here:

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