scheduled backup stopped working on server 2003

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scheduled backup stopped working on server 2003

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My scheduled backup stopped working after 6 months. My version is lite v4.8.289. There is no displayed errors and no log produced. I checked Windows scheduled task and it does show the backup started on specified time but no program ran. I even manually tried to run it from the Windows scheduled task list and it just refreshed the last run date but no backup4all pgm ever started. Although running it manually from the backup4all program screen it works fine. I have been using backup4all on seven other licensed 2003 servers and they all are working correctly but all have v4.8.8286 lite & std pgm. I ran repair & even remove/re-install the program but still same result. Could you help, thanks.

The server is 1 year old, dual cpu w/ raid 5 server 2003 std and backup4all to mirror external USB raid1 HDD.

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Re: scheduled backup stopped working on server 2003

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Please open Backup Properties->Schedulers.
Delete the current scheduled task and create a new one.
Do you still have the problem?

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