Restore one file only - no folders

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Rick the regular
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Restore one file only - no folders

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I perform backups daily with Backup4all. I have never needed to perform a restore, but yesterday I decided to test restoring one file using Backup4all. I was surprised when I checked the restore log that many (maybe all) of my folders were also restored. In fact, 18,677 folders were restored in addition to the single file that I wanted to restore. Is there an option that I should have specified so that only the file was restored?

Adrian (Softland)
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Re: Restore one file only - no folders

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How you told Backup4all to restore a single file? That seems to be the problem.

In order to restore a single file, please open Backup4all, go to Explore View, right click the file you want to restore and select Restore.

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