Restore issues - please help

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Restore issues - please help

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I am happy i had B4A, so I am now able to restore my files ! So thanks.

But I am having the following issues:
* I rebuilt my computer from a backup, and now I am using B4All to fill in the gaps, since the backup was not the latest.

1. If I choose "restore >> from latest version", it finishes but says there are 79000 eroors. I notice that many files are not restored. Because when the window popped up asking whether to "skip or overwrite" , I chose "skip". But it looks like it skipped so many files - I presume if I say skip it skips only those files that are already on my computer, but there is a version difference. Why does it ski files that have NOT at all backed up to my computer.

2. If in the above popup, I chose "overwrite" it gets stuck - on th overwrite file. This can be even a small file but it just sits there without any progress until I have to quit it. How do I SELECTIVELY restore only those files that are either missing from my computer or that are older versions? And why does it get stuck on overwrite?

3. The "explorer" pane on the right, I realize that the "explore" window is showing NOT THE BACKUP files, but the files on my computer. Is this correct? How do I selectively restore files/folders using a file explorer type window?

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Re: Restore issues - please help

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1. Please send us the restore log to support[at]backup4all[dot]com
2. In Explore view you can select to display all type of files, even the deleted ones. This way you can select one of them and restore only those files selectively.
3. In Explore view are shown the actual files on the source and also the deleted files if you set it so (see above).

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