Restore from different external drive letter

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Restore from different external drive letter

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I have backed up to a portable HDD (drive letter E). I am now restoring on a second computer which has assigned the portable HDD to drive F. I cannot change this due to being locked down at work by IT (E is a CD drive).

There was a popup that asked if I wanted to change the drive letter for the portable HDD from E to F (and the option to do for all files), which I said NO to. I did not understand the message at the time as I did not know my drive letter changed and I expected I would get the message again, next time.

How do I change all the restore drive letters from E to F?


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Re: Restore from different external drive letter

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You need to open Backup Properties->Advanced.
Uncheck the "Use local catalogs" option and press Save.
After that open again Backup Properties and change the destination to F drive.
Press Save.

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