preserve NTFS access rights?

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preserve NTFS access rights?

Post by khamees79 »

I'm testing your product on a 2008R2 server. I mounted (Map Network drive)some remote servers locally,
then started taking backup of the desired files to a local disc on the server. I use MIRROR backup

1: Is this the best practice to take backup files on several remote servers (connected via VPN, or on the same LAN)?
2: I noticed that the files inherit the NTFS access rights of the Destination folder, How can I ensure that it keeps it's original NTFS rights?
3: Does it backup the Open files when the source is a (mapped network drive), and Windows 2008?

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Re: preserve NTFS access rights?

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1. If you want to also backup the NTFS permissions, you need to use the Mirror backup type.
2. To copy the NTFS permissions, please check that option in Backup Properties->Mirror page.
3. Backup4all will copy open files only if they are on a local hard drive.
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