Not enough free space in backup destination

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Not enough free space in backup destination

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My backup is failing with the "Not enough free space in backup destination." error.
That appears to be the correct error message because the data set it larger than the available space.
If I try to restore, I get "Backup is empty or catalog file is not available".

I'm using Smart Backup to an external USB drive with a setting to use 80% of the disk space.
There is about 281GB free on 931GB total available space.
B4A Ver 5.2 build 643.

So my questions are:
Is there anything I can use in the backup or do I have to erase the drive and start over?
Will B4A automatically delete old backup data to make room when the backup set is at 80% of capacity?


Adrian (Softland)
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Re: Not enough free space in backup destination

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Please send us:
- the last backup log
- the last restore log
- the .bkc catalog file from the backup destination.

Send us the files to support[at]backup4all[dot]com

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