Multi Backup

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Multi Backup

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I have been using Backup4ALL for many years but I have a weird request and im hoping I can do it.

I currently backup a client with SmartBackup.

I want to then again backup this client's information once a day for 7 days and then delete the first day and so on.

My goal here is to have 7 days of backups incase a user deletes a file 4 days ago and needs it restored.

If there is another option let me know.

Adrian (Softland)
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Re: Multi Backup

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When you use the Smart backup type, you cannot set how many versions to keep.

How large is that backup?
If you can store 7 full backups in destination, please change the type in Backup Properties->Types to Full.
Then set the number of stored backup versions at 7 from Backup Properties->Type->Storage

If the backup is large and you cannot store 7 full backups in destination, please use the Incremental backup type. Only new and modified files will be backed up. When the limit is reached, the oldest incremental will be deleted.

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