Limit incremental backups to fixed number

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Limit incremental backups to fixed number

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I want to make incremental backups every day. But I don't see any sense to make differential or full backups from time to time. It's just waste of time and space. Instead, I want to keep the amount of incremental backups equal to some fixed number (30, 60, 90, ...). When a new incremental backup is created, the oldest one (and only one) should be merged with the full backup and all intermediate incremental backups should stay unchanged in order to keep daily history of all file changes. Am I correct that I can specify the fixed number in the "Yes, limit the number of backups" field and check the "Merge backups" option and I'll get exactly what I want without any periodic cleaning? How many incremental backups can I keep using this technique in order to not slow down Backup4all too much? Is 90 reasonable number? 180? Is it safe to use this technique for years without creating a full backup from scratch? I won't be out of sync with the source tree at the end, right?

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Re: Limit incremental backups to fixed number

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The incremental backups include the new and modified files since the last full, incremental or differential backup.
When the limit is reached, the older increments exceeding the limit will be merged.

There is no limitation for the number of backup versions you can keep.
Please note that multiple files (over 100,000), combined with multiple file versions (over 30 versions of the same files) will result in a larger backup catalog and a slower file processing.

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