Is using 'mirror' for offsite backup's safe

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Is using 'mirror' for offsite backup's safe

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At the moment I am doing a bunch of incremental backups to a local drive and then running a mirror job to copy all the backup data to an FTP location, this seems to make sense, but suppose some sort of hdd issue / virus / stupid user cause one of the local backup files to be updated with an incorrect file - this would then be mirrored to the ftp and it's gone forever.

Would it be a good idea to have a copy new files but don't update modified files? - I know this is pretty much another incremental backup, but the issue with just creating another incremental backup for the offsite process is that it means putting all your existing zips in another set of zips - which seems unnecessary?!

Any thoughts?

Adrian (Softland)
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Re: Is using 'mirror' for offsite backup's safe

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The application was designed to back up both new and existing files that were modified.
With all these, you can set up a scenario as you need if you run the mirror backup daily and use an exclude filter for all files having the creation date older than "yesterday".
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