I Cant restore the 647,91 GB

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I Cant restore the 647,91 GB

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Hi Friends and Backup4all team, i try make a backup 2 times in Wasabi, i make and work for backup but when i try to restore from Wasabi have error.
I can do the full backup and the incrementals, everything runs and it says that it concluded successfully, I currently have 647.91Gb stored in Wasabi, the backup has been done normally daily, at first it did a full and now it only does the incrementals, so far everything right. The problem that I already deleted everything because it gave an error in the restoration, I redid all the backup programming and restarted a new backup that is currently in that size mentioned there, but I have already tried 3 times to restore to an external 4Tera HD plugged into the pc but it gives an error. This happened in the first programming the same way. I don't know why I can't restore the backup if everything seems to have been backed up correctly. I would like some help. In short, I made a backup schedule and everything was ok, the backups were done correctly but after about 2 months I tried to restore and it gave an error, I decided to delete everything and reprogram from scratch, reset Wasabi and deleted everything from Backup4all and redid all the programming in Backup4all and restarted a new Backup and so far everything is normal backups made without errors today after a month or so I try to restore to an external HD and it gives the following error.
[07/05/2022 07:31:30] Try redownloading the file "\\?\C:\Users\Admin\AppData\Local\Temp\Softland\Backup4all 9\1BH1LPT4I1192840\[ 20208156672 - 20233322496 ] {7BEDF301- DE7C-475D-A346-7285967381CF}" (Amazon S3)

[07/05/2022 07:31:30] Error: Out of memory
Restored 2449 file(s) and 62 folder(s)
Restore completed in 1:07:55 hour(s) at 05/07/2022 07:31:30 with 1 error(s)
[07/05/2022 07:31:30] Error: Out of memory
Can someone help me?!! to solve this problem

Adrian (Softland)
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Re: I Cant restore the 647,91 GB

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Please send us the last restore log and the .bkc catalog file (from the backup destination or from the local catalogs folder), to support[at]backup4all[dot]com
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