How to get the best performance

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How to get the best performance

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I'm trying to build a file server with Backup4all as the central backup solution. As far as I can tell Backup4all uses a single processor core when backing up for all the hard work of encrypting and compressing. On a i7 7700K with 24GB RAM spare while the back up is running and no other taxing jobs, with no encrypting and low compression I get about 30MB/s processed; up that to include encryption and high compression I see a small drop of to around 25MB/s. The hard drives used aren't being overly taxed nor close to their throughput limit, however the core that is being used has very high utilisation.

So I'm guessing it is the CPU that is the bottleneck. Do these speeds appear correct? If I use a 'better' processor what types of speeds should I be able to get? What would constitute a 'good' processor for these tasks?

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Re: How to get the best performance

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Backup4all uses a single core, that is correct.
As for the speed, please let us know:
- the source drive location (local, usb, lan)
- the destination localtion
- the temp drive location (if default was modified)

What is speed for creating the same zip file using WinZip (on the same computer)?

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