How i can delete Logs

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How i can delete Logs

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Today I'm going to start over from scratch the backup I was doing for Wasabi for reasons of giving an error in the restoration so I deleted everything in Wasabi going straight there on the Wasabi website and in the backup4ll program I didn't change the task, that is, I didn't delete it because apparently it I was doing the backup correctly, but to not have to create another task and reconfigure everything from scratch, I just wanted to clean the logs. as I only delete the logs in the History to be all zeroed and in the next second when the program starts the backups it doesn't have this history full.

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Re: How i can delete Logs

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You said you deleted everything in Wasabi. That means you deleted the backup in destination?

You also said you deleted the logs in history. Deleting the logs does not affect the backup.

Please let us know exactly what you deleted.
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