FTP Uploading

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FTP Uploading

Post by Petert6356 »

I am trying the trial version and I get this error when I try to upload files. Can any one tell what I am doing wrong.

7/11/2010 12:48:58 AM] Preparing shadow copy

[7/11/2010 12:49:28 AM] Archiving files to 4_C.zip

[7/11/2010 12:49:42 AM] Saving backup catalog "C:\Users\petert\AppData\Roaming\Softland\Backup4all Professional 4\bkcFiles\Test Backup.bkc"
[7/11/2010 12:50:04 AM] Error: Backup aborted. Reason:
Cannot upload file "C:\Users\petert\AppData\Roaming\Softland\Backup4all Professional 4\bkcFiles\Test Backup.bkc" to "/peter/{856C3C9A-AE22-4323-A0E5-2E86BE068609}" (FTP).
227 Entring Passive Mode (IP Removed)

Total number of files added to backup: 1
Total number of folders added to backup: 0
Total size of files added to backup: 70.46 KB (uncompressed), 70.64 KB (compressed)
Number of files excluded: 1
Number of folders excluded: 0
Next scheduled backup:
Backup aborted at 7/11/2010 12:50:05 AM with 1 error(s), 0 warning(s)

Adrian (Softland)
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Re: FTP Uploading

Post by Adrian (Softland) »


Please open Backup4all, go to Backup Properties->FTP server->Edit configuration.
Check the "Use passive mode for transfers" option.
Press Save and try again to run the backup.
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