Forcing a backup of a given file each time

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Forcing a backup of a given file each time

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Hello all,
I have a "strange" request. I hope someone will come up with a suggestion.
I have several TrueCrypt virtual disks to store really sensitive information. These virtual disks are seen from the outside as simple files and only TrueCrypt can "mount" them as normal Windows disks. However, in order to prevent attacks, these files do not change: they always report the date of their creation and the initial size. Any modification on the contents is not reported.
Therefore Backup4all just backups them the first time, then all following operations do not affect them since they look unchanged.
So, is there a way to always include a file in a backup even if it does not seem to be modified?
Of course I could still mount the volumes and backup them separately, but this is not secure at all. I would prefer to backup the encrypted file instead.
Any suggestion?

Adrian (Softland)
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Re: Forcing a backup of a given file each time

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In this case, I suggest you to use the Full backup type and back up the whole file each time.
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