Fast mirror not working with network backup

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Fast mirror not working with network backup

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Hi, I'm trying to backup my files using fast mirror so that the program would only copy over files that have changed. I'm backing up the data onto a Netgear Stora NAS-drive, but the program always overwrites every file. When I check the folder during the operation, it seems like the files that the program copies over have a slight difference in size every time, is this a bug? I've tried turning on and off the fast mirror option but it seems like the program doesn't recognize the files as being the same, thus always replacing them. This problem does not occur when I backup to an external usb hard drive, only when backing up to a network drive.

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Re: Fast mirror not working with network backup

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It seems the NAS drive reports a different size of date information about those files. That is why Backup4all consider the files are modified and needs to be backed up. Please configure correctly the NAS drive.
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