Export jobs to Backup4all 5

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Export jobs to Backup4all 5

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Successfully imported my backup jobs from Backup4all 4. A stronger warning that the backup profiles will be removed from Backup4all 4 when importing into v5 would have been appeciated, like a warning pop-up message. However I intend to purchase v5 so it's not a big problem.

After importing the jobs to v5, they all appear ok, but when the job is run, the catalogue forgets previous backups and starts backing up all of the files again as if its a new job. The calculated statistics show the correct new files to backup, but forgets these when running the backup.

I bit painful when you have many gigabytes of data to backup.

Any ideas please

Adrian (Softland)
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Re: Export jobs to Backup4all 5

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We will put a warning on the import page.

There was a problem related to mirror backups, fixed in build 305. Please download it from our download page.

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