Best backup solution?

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Best backup solution?

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Hey all. I'm looking for a way to backup my files on something. Here's the details I own a small business, and have roughly 500GB with of data to backup as of now. I have a generous estimate of an increase of 1Gb per week, so not a lot. However, this could change in the future, with up to 30gb a week. I currently keep them in a 1Tb HDD on my laptop, but I'm slowly running out of space and I don't like taking chances with vital data.

I've done some research and thought I could use a DAS or a SAN. I have a total of 2 machines, but both are laptops which need to access data on a regular basis. Cloud storage is not my kinda thing, I need local files, and something not just for backups but as storage as well.

I've had my eye on an Orico enclosure to slot in a few high capacity drives, but it seems that prebuilt like Backup Plus seems to be cheaper per Gb. I'm still a small business, so I'd like to keep costs down. What would you recommend? I might be getting a desktop soon, so it seems like a good chance to get a DAS instead. Sorry for long post, I sincerely appreciate any efforts to help! :)

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Re: Best backup solution?

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We offer support for Backup4all, which is able to back up to local, network and cloud destinations.
Both DAS and SAN seems to be good solutions but it depends on your particular case which is the best for you.
We also have clients using NAS devices for backups, because they can be easily accessed from multiple computers in network.

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