backup schedule aborted

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backup schedule aborted

Post by tirumala83 » back schedule aborted automatically...i am posting the error log here...please let me know the solution...
[10/24/2011 4:45:09 PM] Backup4all Professional Edition 4.6.257
[10/24/2011 4:45:09 PM] Starting backup for "bomweb" at 10/24/2011 4:45:09 PM
[10/24/2011 4:45:09 PM] Operating system: Windows Server 2008 R2 Server 4.0, Enterprise Edition Service Pack 1 (build 7601)
[10/24/2011 4:45:09 PM] Backup Summary:
Name: bomweb
Group: My Backup Jobs
Ini file: C:\Users\Administrator\AppData\Roaming\Softland\Backup4all Professional 4\IniFiles\bomweb.ini

Destination type: Network
Drive: \\\syncdata
Folder: \\\syncdata\
Catalog: \\\syncdata\
User/password is set: Yes
First use windows authentication: Yes
Disconnect if connected: No


Include filter:
Include all files.
Exclude filter:
Hiberfil on System Drive - use as exclude
( File name = 'hiberfil.sys'
AND Folder name = '%SystemDrive%')
Pagefile on System Drive - use as exclude
( File name = 'pagefile.sys'
AND Folder name = '%SystemDrive%')
Temporary Files - use as exclude
( File name = '*.tmp|*.temp|*.bak|*.chk|*.bkc-journal')
Temporary Folders - use as exclude
( Folder name = '%temp%|%USERPROFILE%\Local Settings\Temporary Internet Files|?:\System Volume Information|?:\Recycler|?:\Recycled|%SystemRoot%\Temp\*')

Backup type:
Type: Mirror
Clear archive bit: No
Folder name prefix: none
Fast mirror: Yes
Create full paths: Yes
Copy files in a subfolder: Yes
Remove excluded or deleted files from backup: No
Zip the files: No
Copy NTFS security permissions: No
Copy NTFS alternate file streams: No
Allow file splitting when spanning: Yes
Sort mirror files for optimized spanning: Yes

Advanced settings:
Use local catalog: Yes
Test after backup: Yes
Delete sources after successful backup: No
Ask for backup label before execution: No
Backup open files: Yes
Store temporary catalog data in memory Yes
Backup execution priority: Normal priority
Action before backup: not enabled
Action after backup: not enabled
Comparison criteria: [Size, Date modified, Date created, Read-Only, Archived, Hidden, System]
Sounds: not enabled

Emails: not enabled

Show warning and error messages when scheduled: No
Abort backup when source drives are not available: No
Ask for user input when backup cannot continue: No

Enabled At 4:45 PM every day, starting 10/24/2011 and ending 10/24/2022

[10/24/2011 4:47:40 PM] Checking if the drives of the sources exist
[10/24/2011 4:47:40 PM] Checking backup destination (Network)
[10/24/2011 4:47:40 PM] Creating the list of files to backup
[10/24/2011 7:16:38 PM] Folders found to backup: 139,894
[10/24/2011 7:16:38 PM] Files found to backup: 916,192 (169.45 GB)

[10/24/2011 7:28:20 PM] Preparing shadow copy
[10/24/2011 7:28:26 PM] Could not create Volume Shadow Copy. Locked files will not be copied. Cannot connect to the vss server. The system cannot find the file specified
[10/24/2011 8:00:48 PM] Error: Backup aborted. Reason:
%s: <drive does not exists>
Backup aborted at 10/24/2011 8:00:58 PM with 1 error(s), 0 warning(s)

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Re: backup schedule aborted

Post by Adrian (Softland) »


Please make sure the network connection with destination was not interrupted.
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