Backup Jobs Being Deleted and Duplicated

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Backup Jobs Being Deleted and Duplicated

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I just bought Backup4all Pro, installed the latest version, 4.5.234. Previously, I had been using FBackup, but I uninstalled it before installing B4A Pro. The problem that I'm having is that everytime I start up the program, all my backup jobs are randomly changed. I have two groups, General & Projects. Within General, I had one called Weekly, and most of the time when I reboot, this job disappears. Under projects, I had 4 jobs (none scheduled), and sometimes when I reboot, one of the jobs (the same one every time) suddenly spawns a duplicate. I delete the duplicate, but randomly it reappears. Any idea what's going on?

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Re: Backup Jobs Being Deleted and Duplicated

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Please download the latest version of Backup4all (4.5.236) and see if you still have the problem.
Some fixes were made that should fix such problems.

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