Backing up a PC on the LAN

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Backing up a PC on the LAN

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I have looked through the FAQs, KB, and user manual, but haven't found anything to help me with this. Even the video tutorial isn't helpful.

I want to do a system image, full backup of a PC on my network (I installed Backup4all on a server), but when I open the PC under "Network", all I see is the \User folder.

Is it really not possible to do this? Maybe a limitation of my free trial? Appreciate any advice.

Adrian (Softland)
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Re: Backing up a PC on the LAN

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Backup4All was not designed for system backup, so you won't be able to restore the operating system.
You should use Backup4all for data files backup only.
We do not recommend to use Backup4all in order to backup system files / installed software.
We encourage users to use it only for their own work: files and folders.

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