"Action > Clean > Older than" date Filtering Bug

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"Action > Clean > Older than" date Filtering Bug

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There is a bug in version 4.8 Build 289 (Professional Edition) (Unregistered - trialing it now)

OS: Windows 2008 R2

Steps to Repro:
1. Select Backup Job
2. Actions > Clean
3. Set Filter backups by date to "Older than = 1 week"

I have 9 total backups for my job. see attached screenshot.
Current date as i type this is 6/3/2013

Expected Results:
SW should check only those backups that are 1 week old (8 days and older)

Actual Results:
On 6/3/2013, when i set the filter it checks all 9 backups, instead of those > 1 week old (8 days and older)

for some reason, i cannot upload the screenshot (Could not upload attachment to ./files/6787_8a605bf4502b34dfb136670948f3ab9c.).

here a link to it instead: http://s21.postimg.org/a1mxvmw9z/screenshot1.png

Adrian (Softland)
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Re: "Action > Clean > Older than" date Filtering Bug

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There is no bug in this behavior, let me explain you how it works.
You have a full backup (from 05/18/2013 - which is older than 1 week). All subsequent incremental or differential backups are based on that full backup.
Selecting the full backup to be deleted, will automatically select the subsequent backups based on it. That is why all backups are selected to be clean.
Deleting only the full backup, without its subsequent backups based on it, is not possible as it will result an incomplete backup.

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