Wish: BU to multiple destinations

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Wish: BU to multiple destinations

Post by JohnGee »

I love BU4All but would like to be able to run one backup, and have it send the backup to two destinations, one say, an FTP site, and the other to a local Drive.

I know I can do this now, by creating two backup jobs, but then the program must create the .ZIP twice.

With two destinations, this would only happen once, and speed things up.

The 2nd copyToDestination could be programmed to happen just before the current process deletes the generated .ZIP

OR, maybe add an option flag to leave the generated .ZIP in the temp path so I can script another copy.

John :ugeek: :ugeek:

Adrian (Softland)
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Re: Wish: BU to multiple destinations

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You can create two jobs: the first one makes the zip in the first destination and the second one will mirror the zip to the second destination. No zip will be created again. That is much faster.
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