Mirror backup : zip directories

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Mirror backup : zip directories

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i'm really really happy with Backup4All .. I think it's the best backup software with many features..
I'm just missing two main features that would make it wonderful ! :

1-most important- i'm doing Mirror Backups with zipped files. Great, but it makes many many files. What would be great would be to allow to zip directories, only last level of directories. That would save space and make less files.

Example :
c:\test\fred with 10 files in it and no sub directory
c:\test\john with 2 files in it and 2 sub directories
c:\test\john\test1 in which there is 5 files
c:\test\john\test2 in which there is 9 files

It would make a single zip called "test1" with 5 files in c:\test\john, a single zip file called "test2" with 9 files in c:\test\john, two zipped files in c:\test\john, and a single zip called "fred" and containing 10 files in c:\test

It may be quite tricky to update (or restore) all files but they would take less space and of course being an optional setting, it wouldn't annoy people :)
In my example, only 5 zip files are created instead of 26

2-Ability to backup FROM a ftp server. I'm sure you have planned this for v5 but i would be so happy to get that : it would allow me to remove FTPDRive which is not really the good way to access ftp server.


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Re: Mirror backup : zip directories

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We added your request to our Wishilist.
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