Backup file prefix input field broken

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Ireneusz Patalas
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Backup file prefix input field broken

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I'm trying to set a prefix for a backup, but the input field is not cooperating with me.. I'd like to set a prefix like this:
<Application Name>.[<YEAR>.<MONTH_MM>.<DAY>]
I'm typing the application name, then the dot and what happens? The cursor goes back to the beginning of the input field, but the dot doesn't show up.
I was able to get what I wanted using some tricks like: after typing the application name I typed the square brackets and then I was able to put the dot just before the open bracket. Similar problem occured in many other situations and I had to rescue myself by typing other characters, then the dot and removing unnecessary characters. Sometimes removing a character in a simple way is also impossible (the cursor is just moved to the beginning and nothing happens) and I had to do some magic to get rid of them. Can you please fix it in next release?

I would also like to request for some additional tags for time parts, like Hour, Minute and Second, so that I can include a precise timestamp in the filename using my own formatting (<TIME> is not enough).

Adrian (Softland)
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Re: Backup file prefix input field broken

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We will fix the dot problems.
I put the other tag requests on our To-Do list.
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