Backups to Amazon S3

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Backups to Amazon S3

Post by johnb » Thu Jul 07, 2016 6:25 pm

I am experimenting with the trial version of Backup4all (trial version) and am impressed with it but have something of a problem in backing up to my existing Amazon S3 account. I have several pre-existing buckets set up with some bucket names starting with a capital letter (Bucket1 for example) and some starting with a lowercase letter (bucket2).

In attempting to configure backup jobs in Backup4all, I can connect to my S3 account but the program does not recognize any bucket with a name starting with an uppercase letter (Bucket1). Is this a "feature" of Backup4all or am I missing some configuration setting?

I know that Amazon accepts both uppercase and lowercase letters in bucket names because I created the buckets from within the S3 Console. I very much like Backup4all but am not willing to go through the considerable work it would take to recreate all the buckets just to satisfy the backup program.


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Re: Backups to Amazon S3

Post by Support » Tue Jul 12, 2016 1:05 pm


There are multiple possible locations for buckets, for example buckets located in US region, does not allow uppercase letters. That is why we don't use/accept buckets with uppercase letters in Backup4all.
See here the rules for bucket naming: ... tions.html

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