v5 "losing" configuration information

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v5 "losing" configuration information

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For my installs I always override the "user settings folder" changing it from drive C: to drive D: (no other changes).

However for reasons I cannot identity I often start up the program and it has reverted to drive C: - and of course there is no configuration information there.

If at that point I change the override setting back to D: it happily copies the current configuration files from C: to D: - since there are no files on C: (they are on D:) it results in wiping out the files on D: - and losing ALL of the configuration information.

I have learned to keep backups for the folder on D: and I can recover but there is something wrong somewhere.

Seems to me before copying the files to D: it ought to check if they are already there - but, of course, if shouldn't be forgetting the folder override in the first place.

Also, and possibly related, sometimes when starting the program it pops up a dialog about windows is configuring the program for installation (or something like that).


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Re: v5 "losing" configuration information

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What version of Backup4all do you use?
We fixed that problem in one of the latest releases.

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