[URGENT] Help needed - FTP Backup

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[URGENT] Help needed - FTP Backup

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Hi all,

First of all thank you for the simple to use interface. I have installed this software on Windows Serve 2008 and plan on backing up around 300GB~ of data. I'm currently testing out a few backup software options and would love to stick with Backup4all however Im running into some hopefully minor issues.

The first thing is the "Shadow copy" ... is there a way to disable this completely? It will take WAY to long with 300GB of data. I'd prefer for the back up to just simply start uploading as soon as it starts.

The second is file compression: Is there a way to simply upload the flat files instead of it being .zip etc? Once I complete the initial/first 300GB backup I'd like to do incremental in the safest way possible.

I'd appreciate it if someone can tell me the best/safest way of doing this as I do not want to end up with corrupted backups when/if the time comes. Please let me know which options I need to enable/disable in order to accomplish this.



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Re: [URGENT] Help needed - FTP Backup

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1. You can disable the shadow copy for that backup job from Backup Properties->Advanced, by unselecting the "Backup open files" option.

2. You can use the Mirror backup type. This type creates in destination an exact copy of the source files without zipping them. After that only new and modified files will be backed up.

If you have any other questions, please contact us.

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