Test backup job not working

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Test backup job not working

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I have been using backup4all 8.x on an old PC. I have a new PC win11 with the trial installation of back4all vs 9.9. I don't want to import the old backup jobs from the old PC. However, I manually setup a new job on the new PC identically to the old PC (configuration menus are very similar v8.x and v 9.9).
The job runs fine if I manually start the backup. However, if I click "test" on the backup job there is no job listed to test. I assume my scheduled backup also did not run because of this (manually job runs ok).

Any idea what I am doing wrong? thank you

Adrian (Softland)
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Re: Test backup job not working

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It seems there was no backup created in destination.
Please send us the last backup log for that job, to support[at]backup4all[dot]com, to see what happened.
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