Suggestions on setting up server backup

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Suggestions on setting up server backup

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I am interested in using backup4all once it is out of beta to backup to google drive. The server I am backing up is only around 1tb of data but it is almost 5 million files. This backup will be incremental but I am curious if I should change the zip settings to something small like 100mb in the event of an error is there any advantage to this? Server only has 8gb ram and 250gb of free space so I am unsure how much cache or temp space is required for what I would like to do.

Thanks for any info :)

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Re: Suggestions on setting up server backup

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You can try the beta version of Backup4all 6.
In Backup Properties->Compression, set the split limit size at the value you want and also select the "Create independent splits" option. That will create each split only after the previous one is removed from temp.

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