Split backup by size AND files?

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Split backup by size AND files?

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I have an older version of Backup4All (v5.5) that I am using for a one-off task to zip up a large number of image and video files, copy the zip files to a cell phone, and then unzip them there (this is to preserve the file modification dates on the zipped files, so they will sort correctly in the phone Gallery).

The files to be zipped vary widely in size, with a few of them exceeding 1GB or 2GB in size (none exceed 3GB). Previously, when using Windows Send To --> Compressed Folder to create the zip files (VERY SLOW!!!), it would barf at the zip file size if it included a file over 1GB and a file over 2GB and a bunch of smaller files in the same zip file, so I am guessing that Windows 7 is having an issue with a zip file size over 4GB.

So, in Backup4All, I created a job for a full backup of the relevant folders, setting the split with zip file size of 3GB and for independent splits. I thought that the "independent splits" would result in not splitting individual files, but I was wrong. The first few zip files that I unzipped on the phone, there was a duplicated filename at the end of one zip and at the beginning of the next, and the file sizes of both were small, and the second one was missing the image metadata.

I don't want to have to guess how many files to include per split. Is there any way to split based on limiting the zip file size while simultaneously avoiding splitting any backed up files?



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Re: Split backup by size AND files?

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You cannot avoid splitting large files between two zip files.
You can try using Mirror with zip if you want each file to be compressed in a separate zip file.
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