Posible to add a network location as source?

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Posible to add a network location as source?

Post by joepr »

Hello Backup4all forum

From our windows computer running Backup4all I will like to connect to one Centos share using sftp or ssh . When I look under sources I can’t find a way to connect to my server. I will like to use the Mirror Backup option.

Any suggestions?
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Re: Posible to add a network location as source?

Post by RussF »

We use a single PC running Backup4All acting as a backup server to backup all of our networked PCs as well as our file servers to itself using Windows administrative shares. For example, in the "Sources" screen you posted, I would click on "Add a folder" and then type the UNC file path to the PC and/or directory I want to back up, i.e. \\PCNAME\C$\Users.

While we don't have any Linux based devices here that we need to back up, my guess is, that if you can address your Linux machine from Windows File Explorer using a UNC path, you (theoretically) should be able to use that path in Backup4All (assuming the Backup4All server/user has the proper credentials to access the Linux machine.)

If you must use sftp or ssh, well, sorry, I can't help you there.

(Edit) I just did a quick online search and came across this site:

http://hoppenheit.info/blog/2014/mounti ... -in-linux/

I also saw "Samba" bantered around a lot in other posts and saw this one:

https://unix.stackexchange.com/question ... -for-linux

Hopefully, with this info, you can get to your CentOS machine.


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Re: Posible to add a network location as source?

Post by ChuckRush »

My Network Source is a NAS which I have mapped a drive letter to. The backup will not accept that Letter even though it sees the folder as an option. Which version will allow a NAS source to be selected.

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Re: Posible to add a network location as source?

Post by Adrian (Softland) »



What version of Backup4all do you use?
In New Backup Wizard, on Sources page, you should see the mapped drives available if you select the "Network drives" checkbox from the left column.
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