Password not Setting

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Password not Setting

Post by rueterd »

When I set up a backup task and set the scheduler under the General tap and check the "With Windows Scheduler" then check "Run whether the user is logged on or not", then enter the user name and password then save. When I go back in to check the status of backup scheduler, the check box has moved to "Run Only if the user is logged on".

I've tried this on 3 different jobs and they all have the same results.
Here is the system info from Bacup4all:
Backup4all Professional 8.9.352

Key: 7490-DB8B-6904-02E0-4DA4-7FBF-726D-9E2A
License: Permanent. Does not expire.
Activation: Valid. Next check on: 2/22/2021 (25 days Left)

User name: Ron Rueter
Company: Ron

Computer name: GEOCACHER
Computer code: 1975-F349
Computer HWID: M*p+3A-A*SkKw-H*/hxA.9jYQ.spKg-N*tSPQ
Computer UNID: 123A396B-5FDA-4A23-A561-727CA9BB0EA1

Your activation is valid, the program is functional.
You can register the software with us to see your license keys in your account.

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Re: Password not Setting

Post by Adrian (Softland) »


We don't have such problems here.
1. What version of Windows do you have?
2. Do you have a password set for your Windows user account on that computer?

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Re: Password not Setting

Post by RussF »

It's probably not a good idea to post your license key and other personal info on a public forum, my friend. The Backup4All version is typically all you need to get started. Any other needed info will be requested by Adrian (as he did).

You may want to edit your post. ;)


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