Newbie muddled over catalogs

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Newbie muddled over catalogs

Post by Anton »

I'm evaluating Bk4all Lite, using the mirror option. I back up my Windows C: drive onto 2 external drives - one week using a Samsung drive, the following week a Seagate drive.

In Backup4all I've created the following two backups jobs:
1. To Samsung drive - 2. To Seagate drive
each of which targeting the corresponding drive connected at the time.

With *local catalog* being ticked in the settings of both backups, I see that Bkup4all creates 2 .bkc files in the Windows AppData folder - so I imagine that each drive has its own local catalog, and one .bkc catalog also ends up in each destination.

In my specific case, is there a need to use both local and destination catalog? Or is it preferable I disable *local catalog* and just rely on the catalogs stored on each of my two destinations? Yeah, I'm not too bright folks! I can't make good sense of this.

Adrian (Softland)
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Re: Newbie muddled over catalogs

Post by Adrian (Softland) »


That is correct, the "Use local catalogs" option has to be unchecked.

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