mirror Backup files disappear from time to time

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mirror Backup files disappear from time to time

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Running on weekly base a fast mirror backup with B4A 4.0. Everything's going well but every few months (3 - 6 months), suddenly all files in backup are disappeared (about ± 500 Gb). Only directory structure is left in backup. Nothing is changed in job, schedule, destination or origin. So why does it run f.e. 8 times well, and 9th time, nevertheless reporting everything is gone good during backup, but everything's gone!!!Running the mirror again doesn't rebuild the backup completely. Only thing that can be done, is removing the backup job in B4A, deleting the backup structure and catalogue and starting again from scratch, starting with a full backup.
it stinks like that. When possible crash of hard disk, you'll never know if the backup isn't gone at the same time.

Adrian (Softland)
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Re: mirror Backup files disappear from time to time

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Please download the latest version of Backup4all 4.5.234, create a new backup job and try again. Do you still have the problem?
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