Miror Backup from Network drive to OneDrive not working

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Miror Backup from Network drive to OneDrive not working

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I just purchased the 9.8 Pro release but can't make it work properly.
Source is a network drive with several repositories (Synology NAS), target is OneDrive.
Mirror Backup with Fast mirror option.
Backups were working fine for a while, then I added a new directory to the sources. Launched backup again and suddenly files on target (OneDrive) for several of my existing repositories disappeared like if they have been deleted (directory structure is fine but no more files). The sources for these files didn’t change at all but it’s like if Back4all didn’t see the sources and then deleted the target files on OneDrive. but the network drive is fine on my PC.
I reproduced several times the issue. At the end Backup4all is stuck at "Update Catalog" for hours. I had to reboot the PC to kill it.
Then I launched again the backup and he didn't find any file to backup, even if the target repositories on OneDrive are empty (but the sources files exist and are visible)...
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Adrian (Softland)
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Re: Miror Backup from Network drive to OneDrive not working

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Is the "Remove excluded or deleted files from backup" option selected in Backup Properties->Type page?
What about this option: "Only if the source drive is available" ?
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