Local HD Speed vs. Network Speed

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Local HD Speed vs. Network Speed

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OK so basically I've got a NAS connect to my router to which I make Mirror Backups quite frequently.

When I came to choosing the Destination for my backup, I had the option of choosing the NAS either through the Local Hard Drive option (since the NAS is a mapped network drive), OR through the Network option.

So I chose the network option thinking that would be the quickest. I started the backup last night (total of 585GB of data) and 19 HOURS LATER, it is still on 87 percent.

Basically I would like to know if A) It should be taking this long, and B) Whether it makes a difference in speed whether I choose the NAS drive from the Local Hard Drive option or the Network Option?



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Re: Local HD Speed vs. Network Speed

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There should not be a significant difference if you use mapped drives or UNC path. We recommend you to use UNC path because this way you can run the backup even if no user is logged on.

What is the transfer rate for your NAS drive?
How long does it take to manually copy 1 GB of files using Windows Explorer?

In Backup Properties->Compression, please check these options:
"Always use temporary folder to create zip files"
"Use alternate zipping mode".
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