flexible drive assignments ?

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Steven Avery
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flexible drive assignments ?

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Glad to see the forum, fairly new here, first post, so if I duplicate existing questions, oops .. and please point me to the right spot.

Always like Backup4All.
I think overall the best backup program and value.


Many external and removable drives can be structured the same in terms of folders desired as backup destination (even an internal drive or CD might have the same structure), Thus the goal is to have one backup with either of two possible ways of indicating the drive desired, without having to change the Properties manually back and forth at the time of execution, or duplicating the .bkc .

Two ways that would work.

1) A prompt at the time of execution .. allowing you to choose the drive for this backup
2) A parameter passed from the command line or shortcut.

Do we have either of these now ? Or are they planned ?


Cloud backup
Could there be a pre-designed formatting for a couple of Cloud backups that does not have to do the techie FTP thing ?

DriveHQ is my favorite, because it has an excellent File Manager.
ZUploader (used by ZScreen and the Donationcoder screen captuare) is an example of pre-fabricated uploads.

Any help here is helpful.

And the question above about trying to use the same backup flexibly, but here with the cloud, applies.



Adrian (Softland)
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Re: flexible drive assignments ?

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Backup4all uses a backup catalog. Changing the backup destination cannot be done without indicating that in backup properties and also moving the catalog and files to the new destination.

At this moment, Backup4all does not have the cloud backup feature included.
Do you know you can monitor your backups remotely with Backup4all Monitor? You can read more here: https://www.backup4all.com/backup4all-monitor.html

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