Files too large for SFTP upload ??

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Files too large for SFTP upload ??

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Hello, I'am using Backup4all Professional. I want to backup a directory with a view *.7z archives inside. The destination is a SFTP-Server. When there is a file bigger than 2 GB, then Backup4all split the archive in files like that: NAME001.7z NAME002.7z
In the properties I found the optin: Allow file splitting when spanning

When I activate this option, then the archives will be splited. When I turn off the option, then there appear the meessage: "The file XY is larger than 2 GB. It can not be uploaded to the SFP server."

But why? I do not want to allow file splitting.

Adrian (Softland)
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Re: Files too large for SFTP upload ??

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If your SFTP server supports uploading files larger than 2 GB, please follow these steps:
1. Open Backup Properties->SFTP server->Edit configuration
2. In the "Advanced" section, increase the maximum file size.
3. Press OK then press Save.
4. Run again the backup.

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