Each new version of 5.XX is slower than last

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Each new version of 5.XX is slower than last

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I'm currently running 5.5 Pro and I've noticed that since I upgraded from the 4.x series, my backups get slower with each new version, even though the amount of data being backed up, only changes marginally.

I do 2 types of backups...3x a week I do a mirror backup and 1x a month, I run 3 compressed full backups.
Previously the mirror backup would take about 8-9 hours... the last run took 33 hours for 196.62 GB.

The Full backups are even worse... the 250+GB takes 2-3 days (running now)... Its been running about 12 hrs now and only shows 19%.

Sounds like some other people are having some issues with performance.
Like I said versions 3.x and 4.x worked much faster.

Please help as the executions are overlapping because of the amount of time each backup is taking.
It's getting to the point I have to cancel them because I just can't give up my PC for 3days while a monthly backup is done.
Thank you

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Re: Each new version of 5.XX is slower than last

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Please send us the last backup log to support[at]backup4all[dot]com

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