Do you want to restart the IPC server?

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Do you want to restart the IPC server?

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I'm trying to run backup on new computer and it looks like infinite loop:
- installing B4A (newest version)
- defining mirror backup to SFTP server (server serves limited rights and backup is not possible, but it tries. I don't know why it doesn't make backup, because there is possible to write and modify files, but not deleting)
- hibernating computer
- un-hibernating
- there is not possible to open B4A, because "Do you want to restart the IPC server?" message, but "Yes" doesn't help. The message appears again and again. Nothing helps. Restarting computer too.
- uninstalling B4A
- repeat.

I did it two times and today is the same situation.
Windows 7, 64 bit.
Grzegorz Zochowski

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Re: Do you want to restart the IPC server?

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Please make sure the bservice.exe process is not blocked by the antivirus/firewall.
Put it in the exceptions list.

Do you still have the problem?
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