Custom S3 configuration not saved to .ini file

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Custom S3 configuration not saved to .ini file

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On build 9.9.855 on Windows, trying to use Wasabi as a destination.

Edit a job. Under Destination, select S3 Compatible and edit configuration. Make some changes (endpoint, etc). Click Ok and Save to complete the job edit. Note that the job's destination has correctly updated in the UI. Re-enter the edit job dialog or re-launch the program to discover that all of your changes have been lost.

The same behavior is exhibited when using the Wasabi presets to set the endpoints. Or using a saved Wasabi destination.

I've been able to manually run jobs by setting all of the values myself in the .ini files
and then starting the program, but those values get to their defaults any time the program updates the .ini files for any reason.

Could this be a reversion of the "Fixed: Custom S3 Endpoints were not saved in some specific cases" in 9.0.317?

Adrian (Softland)
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Re: Custom S3 configuration not saved to .ini file

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I could not reproduce the problem here. Editing the backup destination of such a job, will preserve all other information.
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