Cleanup Job vs Full Backup with "Save Storage Space"

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Cleanup Job vs Full Backup with "Save Storage Space"

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When I created my Full Backup job, under Type->Storage there is a section "Save Storage Space". In that section, there is a setting "Yes, limit number of backups". I want to perform daily backups and keep two weeks of backups before deleting the oldest, so I always have the most recent two weeks of backups. Does setting this field to 14 accomplish that?

I also noticed I can create a separate schedule of type "Cleanup" which appears to do something similar to what I described. Is there a difference between the two? To accomplish keeping only the most recent two weeks of backups, do I need a separate Cleanup schedule or does the "Save Storage Space" setting do the same thing?

Also, is there a setting to terminate Backup4All completely after it has been closed so it doesn't stay running in the system tray?


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Re: Cleanup Job vs Full Backup with "Save Storage Space"

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You only need to set the number of backup versions at 14 in Backup Properties->Type->Storage page.
The Cleanup action can also perform the same thing but it is used for more complex tasks which cannot be configured from Storage page. In this case there is no need to use Cleanup.

If you want to hide the tray icon of Backup4all, you can disable the "Show tray icon" option in "File->Options->Startup and updates" page.
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